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Trusted Accountants & Tax Service providers serving entrepreneurs in Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton and Niagara Region

Buttar Accounting & Taxation Services Inc. is a family owned accounting firm focused on building client relationships and providing entrepreneurs with the very best in accounting & taxation services. We are a member of the Buttar Financial Group. We take the time to know our clients and to thoroughly understand their business and personal situation, something that we take pride in and create quality relationships with our clients. 

We specialize in helping entrepreneurs set-up, report and minimize personal & business taxes. 
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Mr. XX Buttar, C.A.,
Owner - Partner

Ethan has a broad practice that includes Employment law representation on behalf of employers and employees and carriage of litigation matters in the Commercial, Contract, Corporate, Debtor-Creditor, Employment, Human Rights, Insurance, Property, Real Estate and Tort law contexts. Ethan also has a keen interest and a wealth of experience in Fraud-related Litigation. He has assisted individual and corporate clients in the resolution of matters involving mortgage, real estate, commercial and corporate frauds and/or misrepresentations as well as various other fraud and/or deceit-related matters.

Mrs. XX Buttar, C.A.

Peter has demonstrated excellence and dedication to his clients which is exemplified through his extensive experience in Civil and Commercial Litigation, Labour and Employment Law, Construction Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Natacha Buttar,
Associate Accountant - Entrepreneurs
Krysten is practised in areas of litigation and employment. With strong dedication and unwavering service, Krysten demonstrates her commitment to providing comprehensive and competent legal representation of her clients.
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